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this is kpix5 news on the cw. >> people in mayor gene quan's
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neighborhood. look what we found in the bay area today. low elevation snowfall. mt. hamilton, a will lot of spots. >> and the bay area city putting the stop on hard liquor licenses. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. her neighbors say they have had enough. tonight,they tell kpix5's kristen ayers if gene quan won't take action, they will. >> quiet as it seems from here, a neighborhood in the oakland hills, is in crisis. >> they completely trashed the house. >> for the first time in 38 years, they were robbed around noon today. a burglar ransacked their home and made off with drawers full of jewelry. >> it's just the typical
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feeling of being olated and anger. >> i would say the last six months. it feels like it has gotten noticeably worse in this neighborhood. >> evidence of the uptick in burglaries is visible. utility poles are plastered with the faces of burglary suspects caught on camera. >> the group of neighbors that got together felt that we needed to do something immediate and something meaningful. >> so steven pollock and his neighbors are on the verge of hiring private security guards, 62 households will pay $60 each for one guard to parole a half mile radius looking for burglars. >> our hope is that it's a deterent. >> some neighbors are skeptical. alarm companies already have uniformed officers paroling some sections of the oakland hills with minimum results. >> okay, do i think it helped? >> people who live here say
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these paroles will be different. >> someone is walking by your home every five to seven minutes or driving by your home every five to seven minutes. >> the guards will be paroling in the next week. oakmore residents will be tracking the program's effectiveness. in oakland, kristen ayers, kpix5. the mayor's office said they know opd is having trouble responding and the mayor's office supports anything people want to do to get involved to make their communities safer. if you need tips to protect your home, the vice president is offering one up. get a shotgun. it's what he told his wife to do. >> so jill, if there's ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony. walk out, put that double barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. i promise you, whoever is coming in, you don't need an ar15.
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it is harder to aim. it's harder to use. and in fact, you don't need 30 rounds to protect yourself. buy a shotgun. buy a shotgun. >> the vice president says he keeps two shotguns and shells locked up in a metal safe in his home. snow blanketed bay area peeks today. a light dusting stuck to the summit today. the wind made for a near whiteout condition on mt. hamilton. the snow has moved on, but the chief says it will be a while before we warm up again. >> remember saturday? it was mid 70s throughout the bay area with sunshine. now today, we talked about snow level dropping down to 2500 feet and even though kpix5 is dry right now, we are now on the other side of that front. that means we're on the cold side of things. how much rain fall? san ramon, a half inch. hayward, just about that much.
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and clarks burg, 1/3 of an inch. how quickly we will drop down to near freezing. we likely will hit the freezing mark and fremont, you will drop down to 34 degrees. let's talk more about the snow. it's a rare treat this winter. roberta took the kp5 mobile weather lab up to mt. hamilton where the snow is coming downsideways. here's what it looked like. >> currently it's 28 degrees atop the mountain. the wind has been blowing at 18 and 20 miles per hour. mike williams and also manny acosta. we saw them cycling up 13 miles. you guys are crazy. >> yeah, well we decided to go camping last night and we didn't know it was going be this snowy. it turned into a little more than we were expecting. >> they made it up here before it started snowing.
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you could not make it up because the road is going to be officially closed. it's a very treacherous drive. i wouldn't recommend it. in fact, we are trying to figure out how we'll get down from the 4200 feet elevation here. reporting atop mt. hamilton, where yes, it's snowing. roberta gonzalez for kpix5. >> 3 inches of snow. storm totals, 6 to 12 inches there. a winter weather advisory expired. >> all right, paul, we'll see you then. an explosion in downtown kansas city started a huge fire that covered an entire city block with flames. at least 19 people hurt, several are in critical condition tonight. a car hit a gas main. that triggered a leak, which caused the explosion. the fire burned some of the structures in the shopping area, which includes retail stores, offices, and apartment units. the flames and thick smoke could be seen for miles.
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a grizzly discovery in san mateo county whera hiker stumbled across human remains. this happened at the creek redwoods open space preserve yesterday. that hiker called the sheriff who confirmed the remains were, in fact, human. the identity of the remains is unknown. a mother's worst fear became a reality today when the body of her ten month old baby was found buried in a field along a highway. as kpix5 shows us, her boyfriend is now behind bars facing murder charges. >> authorities have looked all over the state for angel, but in the end, her tiny body was found seven miles from her home. search dogs found the remains buried under a bush off highway 183. the infant's mother's boyfriend, jesus, was arrested yesterday and started talking. >> he gave us a general location of where the child might be found. >> the ordeal began february 2
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when he picked up angel. he is not the girl's father. the family says he gave excuses why he hadn't brought her back home. at one point, saying he was taking her to disney land. the family finally called police after two weeks. police nabbed him in l.a. monterey county sheriff deputies say they couldn't issue an amber alert because they didn't have a suspect vehicle description. >> it's not a matter of regret, we didn't meet the criteria. >> a memorial appeared at the crime scene after identifying her body, angel's family declined an on-camera interview. susan told reporters she feared for her daughter's life. >> all i know is that jesse st an abusive drinker. >> est peeespenoza's bail is set at $1 million.
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in selinas, kpix5. >> detectives are trying to find out what sparked a young man to go on a shooting spree in southern california killing three people. police say it started this morning when 20-year-old ali killed a woman at his orange county home. he went on a 25-mile rampage, shooting at drivers along the way. carjacked three people, killing two of them. >> he said, i don't want to hurt you. i killed somebody. today is my last day. give me your keys. >> police caught up in the city of orange. that's when he got out of his car and took his own life. an l.a.p.d. husband and wife found themselves the top of that excop's hit list. cbs reporter on what the couple went through before christopher dorner died. >> los angeles police captain rings phil tingeriti and his wife are back patrolling the
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streets. the couple and their six children were at the top of chris dorner's hit-list. he is on the l.a.p.d. board that fired dorner for making false statements. >> the fear was very real that i had no way to protect my kids right then and there and i was very scared that something could happen to them before i could get to the safe. >> police provided around the clock protection for the family and more than 50 others after they were named. >> we had a meeting place in our garage. that's where we shared information that we didn't want the kids to hear. on a few occasions, we were in the garage holding each other, crying, and telling each other we were scared, but we needed to remain tough. >> the week-long man hunt for dorner ended last tuesday in big bear, california. dorner took his own life as the cabin went up in flames. >> the chief of the l.a.p.d. said it will take several months for the department to review the case.
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that review will also take a look into dorner's allegations of racism within the lapd. >> i have never experienced racism within the los angeles police didn't. i have 18 years on the job. i have been given the same opportunity that christopher dorner was given. >> the couple is receiving praise in the community they parole for helping improve the relationship between police and residents. cbs news, los angeles. come how much would you pay for a fake girlfriend? >> plus, put nay drink on hold. why walnut creek won't offer hard liquor licenses for years. and how thieves got away with $50 million worth of diamonds in a matter of minutes. ,,,,,,,,
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walnut creek has become qui the party place. bars and restaurants are packed... the city of walnut creek has become quite the party place recently. bars and restaurants are packed. but kpix5's david jackson tells us, police are telling us enough for now. david. >> well, that's right. if you look up and down the street, you'll see a lot of bars and restaurants. in fact, this has become a destination for a lot of people over weekends in particular. the walnut creek police is saying enough is enough. there will be no more bar liquor licenses handed out for at least another calendar year. walnut creek hit its saturation point. the town of 68,000 pours more alcohol than anywhere its size in california. in fact, there are downtown intersections with bars and restaurants on every corner.
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that's too much for a police force that has a total of 65 officers. that's 15 less than the city's budget calls for. the liquor license moratorium is for the public safety, according to police officers. but hugo, who got one of the last liquor licenses issued by the city, says there is no problem. >> we need that revenue. we need the people. we need the customers. we found two customers and provide what they are looking for, whatever it is. >> the city agrees that it is not a problem. it serves gourmet food, not alcohol. and right next door, the lounge used to be only a nightclub. now it, too, serves gourmet dinners. just as the city of walnut food takes the edge off ing drinking. but the full bar moratorium still stands. >> i like the night life here.
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i think it's fun, busy, but in a good way. >> you don't think the city should shut off the liquor licenses, as they have, for the next year? >> no, i don't. i think it would be fun if more places opened up. >> if you go to downtown san francisco, it would be worse. i used to live there and this is nothing compared to that. >> people may want them, but the walnut creek police department says there will be no licenses until the police department adds 15 more officers and reaches a total of 80 and they believe that will take them about one full year. live in walnut creek, david jackson, kpix5. >> the obama administration is expected to announce new trade agreements. a report that the chinese military is behind an on going plot to hack u.s. companies and government offices. the report released today by
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u.s. security firm says hundreds of chinese hackers will stealing vast amounts of data from u.s. companies. >> even apple says it was hacked. a small number of laptops were infected with malicious software. it was an attack similar to the one facebook faced last week. the attack used a weakness for web browsers to affect the computers. to say void this, they recommended last month that bs be disabled on browsers. set you up with a fake girlfriend that would even convince mom she's real. the site is called, fake internet girlfriend. imagine that. and for a price, they provide just that. for $250 a month, they will create the fake girlfriend of your dreams. they'll send you facebook messages, tweets, texts. they'll even call your work.
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so who would sign up for ltses. the bigger question, why? some people want to impress a prospective boss or get their nagging parents off their backs. >> what happens when you want to invite her over for dinner? >> that's an extra $500. and for $1,000 a month, they'll figure the kid out, too. >> mom will wonder, i want to meet her. >> much-needed, but it felt, there was a bite in the air today. you look up and say wow, that is snow. what a gorgeous view. we have clear skies. that's a great shot of the city. earlier today, with all this stormy weather, unstable enough that we had a couple funnel clouds and two of those touched down. two confirmed f0 tornadoes. thankfully, nobody injured. but that's what we had earlier
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today. radar is clear tonight, the rain is pushed off to the south. 49 degrees for a high today. it wasn't windy on the other 49- degree days, so this was the chilliest afternoon in the afternoon we've had all winter long. fremont 34. even san francisco dropping down to 43 and redd wood city. most of the moisture pushed down to the south. you see that moving away from us, so what's wake of its wake? a big area of low pressure will give us a chilly northerly flow. the cool air will stick around. the chilly air will last through saturday. zero rain fall. it will remain below normal. the showers are done, but it will be cold at night, chilly and breezy in the afternoon. highs tomorrow, upper 50s.
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the average is 55. palo alto 56. plus, partly sunny skies. mid to upper 50s, that's it. that's the rain chance will be gone. so, that's it for the rain, but it's going to be chilly. >> anybody not happen. >> we can make it whatever you want. >> tings a do you mind heist fit for hollywood, but it happened at a european airport. >> how the robbers snatched the goods from a jet that was set to take off. >> police at the airport didn't see the guns coming or going. the heist took less than five women. they drove two vehicles straight on to the runway, where a plane was ready for
10:21 pm
takeoff. grabbed 120 packages, then sped back the way they came. the take, diamonds worth at least $50 million. caroline dewolfe of the diamond center. >> yesterday was a complete shock for us. i mean, i think it's unbelievable. >> investigators say this gang was armed with machine guns and flashing blue lights. they believe this charred van abandoned near the airport was used in the robbery. they are looking for a outie. cbs news, lon ton. >> if the tables were turned, would it have been a different outcome? >> shoved by his coach answers that question coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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game. kpix 5's juliette goodrich talked with coach montgomerd the pl
10:24 pm
she is apologizing for shoving a player during the game. >> juliette goodrich talked with the coach and the player. >> the cal bears were trailing when emotions overtook the coach. he was talking with star player, allen crab. this video capturing the emotion and the shove. a shove that has been the topic of focus the past 48 hours regarding coaches and players. >> it's obvious i made a mistake and i feel very badly about it. there's no place in sports that you can basically put your hands on one of your student athletes. >> shoved allen crab and player of the week says there are no hard feelings, he just wants to move on. >> i didn't take anything negative. i felt like he was doing it to help me pick up my play. like i said, it's over with.
10:25 pm
>> but cal director of athletics made it clear that the shove was unacceptable. lee leeland yee calling for a suspension. >> i apologized to allen and the team. >> it's not the only timethe coach let emotions get the best of them. bobby knight tossed a chair across the floor after fuming over a couple fuels. he apologized and handed a one- day suspension. montgomery says he learned his lesson. >> it's something i deeply regret, it's not going to happen again. i had a couple sleepless nights. >> if the tables were turned and you were to have shoved your coach, would it have been a different outcome? >> no. i wouldn't put my hands on my coach. >> grab said he wouldn't put his hands on his coach. it's time to put the incident
10:26 pm
pee hind them -- behind them. they are two games away from first place. at uc berkeley, kpix5. all right ahead, a local boxer gets a shot of a lifetime. and right after the all-star break. how did the warriors fair tonight in utah? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tight...wayne? ew bogut the boys in warriors grip on the sixth spot in the western conference, all of a sudden not as tight. wayne. >> oh, w's in salt lake. 15 minutes, no points. warriors stay with the jazz, a three ball to the second. w is down four. but utah had seven players.
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24 for al jefferson. 115-101. great loss. meantime, the shark got it right in st. louis. tim kennedy and the sharks on the loose. his third period effort, second goal of the season with the sharks snap a seven-game losing streak. gilroy native announced today he'll fight floyd mayweather in las vegas. he was hoping to hand mayweather his first loss. when you're in college, you have time to talk about stuff like this. he sank nine puts in a row. it took them 28 before they got it in right. >> that's fantastic. >> unbelievable. >> that does it for us at 10:00. see you at 11:00.

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